In the below four links (Physical, Mental, Emotional & Energetic) I have put together extensive lists of symptoms that one could experience after a spiritual awakening.  At the same time, it is not a complete list, nor does one have to experience any of these symptoms at all.  However, for many of us there will be some struggles and I intend to shine some light on what these may look like.

I have only included symptoms that I personally experienced and hence I understand them intimately.  I decided to include these symptoms on the website because I remember when I was deeply suffering it made a huge difference knowing that this roller coaster is somewhat “normal”.  Knowing that you are not the only person in the world suffering after such a profound awakening can be very relieving.

The word “symptom” often suggests some negative type of experience.  While the majority of the ones I have listed are far from desirable not ALL of them are negative, haha!

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