physical symptoms

Extreme Fatigue

  • So extreme that you find yourself in bed for the majority of the day and this can literally last for months
  • The fatigue often worsens with activity, but doesn't improve with rest
  • Inability to exercise, even just going for a walk seems impossible

If you are experiencing deep fatigue like this it is important not to beat yourself up by thinking you are “lazy”.  I did that for around 8 months until I finally surrendered and accepted the fact that my body was undergoing a deep transformation and needed a significant amount of rest.

Pain and Headaches

  • Consistent and/or acute physical pain in certain parts of the body.  Most common are headaches, abdominal discomfort and back pain.

Shifts in Eating Patterns

  • Significant changes in the type of food you eat, the time of the day when you feel like eating and the amount of food you consume.

I have always been a fairly large eater however for around six months my appetite increased so much that I was eating approximately two to three times the amount of food that I would normally eat and I was incapable of controlling it.

Shifts in Sleeping Patterns

  • There can be a significant change in sleep duration and/or changes in the time when you fall asleep and wake up
  • Sleeping patterns can also be heavily affected by the cycle of the moon

Deep Localized Fatigue and Aching

  • Energy can move in certain parts of the body, for example during yoga or meditation, and then extreme deep fatigue can be experienced in those areas.  I would often get really sore and aching legs so much that I wouldn’t be able to stand on them.  It literally felt like I had run a marathon.  Even when lying in bed they would continue to ache.


  • Feeling that you have a bug (or bugs) on your body but when you check, nothing is there

Burning Up

  • Hot feverish type of feeling, like things on the inside are burning up

In general, a lot of noticeable changes within the body

  • Body odor, urine, body weight, sexual energy, skin


  • Any physical issues you had prior to your awakening may be intensified

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