If we were to take ourselves as being a water droplet in a river, we start off thinking that we are the ones deciding which direction we go (personal choice).  We decide to go to the left and we move left.  We decide to go to the right and we move right.

However eventually life provides us with an opportunity to see through this illusion of control and Free-Will.  We come to a fork and decide we want to go left but the flow of the river carries us right.  We try to “swim” back up the river but for some unknown reason, can’t.  We struggle our entire life with the misunderstanding that we have personal control.  However, life that gave us this misunderstanding eventually takes it back.

When complete surrender and understanding finally takes place, we remember what we truly are.  From one perspective a droplet, absent of any personal control, floating along within the river we call life.  From another we are the entire river as there is no true separation between one droplet and another, it is all one body of water.  Holding these two perspectives simultaneously is the only place from where true peace is available.