mental symptoms

Brain Not Working

  • Becoming very frustrated at even the most basic tasks as the brain is hardly even functioning


  • Seriously considering suicide due to the extensive and continuous amount of suffering you are being exposed to
  • Arising of the desire to discuss this topic with someone who won’t try to “fix” you

Self Judgement

  • Self-criticism around how your external and internal life is unfolding as it may look significantly different to how your previous conditioning thinks it should look
  • Confidence, trust and self-compassion hasn’t yet surfaced

Absence of Life Direction & Motivational Energy

  • Life is simply no longer providing you with the energy to support the personal will.  From small tasks to big tasks, from apparently important tasks to unimportant tasks, if it’s coming from the personal will, life does not, and will not give you the energy to execute the action.  This is where you are clearly seeing that the steering wheel of your life is no longer connected to the wheels.  Like a spoilt child whose parents are no longer funding its unhealthy desires, the ego can throw an extreme tantrum which may last for many months.

Eventually the personal will surrenders and dissolves however it is not necessarily replaced straight-away with God’s will.  During this time there is a void where there is absolutely no motivational force acting through you – an extremely confusing and disorientating place to be.

This is the profound period where you transition from ‘interacting in life’ to ‘being life itself’.

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