honey moon


For the next 12 months things were either good or great.  This was a period where my old conditioning was being replaced with new conditioning; a process which simply takes time.

I was regularly experiencing extreme bliss, boundless love and was often having out-of-body experiences.  At random moments my identity would shift in to pure, empty Awareness.  Occasionally I would have very profound “Oneness” experiences where there was no such thing as Awareness and other.  There was just one dynamic energetic field; it was me and it was unconditional love; no separation; pure non-duality.

During this time, I traveled to India to sit in satsang with Mooji and then went to Portugal and spent time at his ashram.  After 3 months of being with Mooji there was a deep letting go and trust in life.  The doer-ship energy was now falling away.  From a spiritual perspective, perhaps I “should have” stayed at the ashram and continued my “practice” but life could no longer be seen in the form of “should” and “should nots”.

At this point it was so deeply seen that life itself was driving the bus that there was no choice but to relax more and more into that understanding.  Once that shift took place, life had me leave the ashram and go home via a 1-week retreat in Italy with Rupert Spira.  I was taken home in order to experience something very different to what the previous 12 months had looked like.