energetic symptoms

Spontaneous Involuntary Movements (Kriyas)

  • Can be anything from jolting, twitching, freezing and tensing
  • Can be as extreme as epileptic type fits
  • More present when you relax and your identity expands beyond that of the body/mind.  A deep surrendering takes place and contracted energy is released.


  • The lights are perceived to be in the head
  • Big massive super bright explosions to small soft dull lights
  • Stationary soft and singular light to multiple dynamic flashing lights
  • Various colors but often golden yellow

Dense Pockets of Energy

  • Stomach / Spine / Chest / Head

Moving Energy

  • Feeling energy or light moving around the body, in particular in the stomach, chest, spine and head but also in the legs

Energy Accumulating

  • Feeling energy/heat accumulate and dissipate in certain parts of the body.  Example; in the palms during meditation.

Energetic Sensitivity

  • Overwhelming day time energy versus more at ease night-time energy

New Sensing

  • The feeling of receiving a new sense (beyond the first 5) of vibration
  • Sensing the world through vibration
  • Hearing using the entire body 

Vibration in the Body

  • The physical symptoms of anxiety without any of the mental or emotional aspects attached to it

Super Deep Intense Suffering

  • Not on an emotional, mental or physical level, but on an energetic level, which could be described as a super fine, high frequency vibration.
  • Feels like the cells in the body are being microwaved

Dark Energy

  • Becoming sensitive to the point where heavier energies are perceived, often manifesting into fear

Peak Experiences

  • Moments of extreme bliss and boundless love
  • Out-of-body experiences
  • ‘Oneness’ Experiences
  • Being confused as to what or where your identity is 

Instinctual Need for Grounding

  • Walking barefooted, standing in the rain, going to the beach/body of water, spending time in nature

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