emotional symptoms

Depression like Symptoms

  • Sadness, Emptiness, Hopelessness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities such as sex, hobbies or socializing
  • Wanting to be alone

Emotional (without being triggered)

  • Anger, Agitation, Irritability, Frustration

High Anxiety

  • Extreme difficulty when interacting with people due to the overwhelming energetic vibration within the body.

Feeling the Emotions of Others

  • Feeling others’ emotions more intensely and acutely than they do.  In particular; frustration, sadness and their personal pain.

Decrease (and at times increase) in emotions that are rooted in time (Past and Future)

  • Desires, hope, regret and worry

Irrational Fear

  • Irrational fear manifesting uniquely according to one’s own personal experiences and conditioning; often with the feeling that death is imminent.

Heart Break

  • For no apparent reason or external trigger there is simply deep, deep sadness and grief.  It can also be accompanied with a strong sensation in the chest.

Huge Love

  • Literally too much love that it becomes overwhelming and uncomfortable


  • Not knowing what the hell is going on
  • Having thoughts like “Am I just making all of this up?”


  • Wanting to or needing to cry

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