Through the use of five short chapters I share my story to provide a transparent and sincere example of how an awakening may look for an everyday ordinary person.  We have many books detailing the instant beautiful enlightenment stories and can get caught up thinking that our awakening should look similar.  More and more people are waking up and the narrative that self-realization is instantaneous is no longer helpful.

You will read what a realistic, messy, confusing, chaotic, difficult and painful awakening can look like.  It doesn’t necessarily have to look this way but most definitely can.  I am not here to provide you with spiritual marketing.  I am here to be sincere, honest and balanced about how it can look and provide you with support; because I know first-hand how difficult it can be.

In addition, we may be confused into thinking that enlightenment is only for the purest of beings with the perfect balance of karma; that too is a narrative that is inaccurate.  The amount of suffering, pain and negative conditioning we go through is unbelievable and to have examples illustrating the capacity to rise above and integrate these experiences can be extremely beneficial and inspiring – I share my story for this reason too.

Intro: Introduction

Chapter 1:  Pre-Awakening

Chapter 2:  Awakening

Chapter 3:  Honey Moon

Chapter 4:  Roller Coaster

Chapter 5:  Now