five pillars


We are nature, there is nothing but nature

As soon as we pull ourselves out of life as something separate from it, not a product of it, we create the opportunity for suffering.  GUILT towards ourselves and BLAME towards the other, REGRET about the past and WORRY for the future.  Your awakening has provided you with the experiential evidence that you are not the thinker of thoughts, the decider of decisions, nor the doer of actions - start living from this place!  There is no such thing as personal Free-Will apart from the believed thought we have about it.  It is time to stop taking personal responsibility.

Relax into life and…NATURALLY BE NATURE.





The belief of being a separate responsible person has created so much internal pain and heartbreak.  Unfortunately, this isn’t immediately rectified when you awaken.  Integrating this pain is a process which takes time and is facilitated by having unconditional love towards yourself.  You know that at your core you are pure pristine Awareness; from this place give your body, mind and conditioning the love, support and forgiveness it needs.


The body remembers our incorrect assumption.

Through the misunderstanding of being separate, responsible individuals our poor bodies have absorbed a ridiculous amount of suffering.  The body holds this pain and suffering in the form of contracted energy.

Now that this assumption has been seen through, it is time to soak the body in your new understanding.  This may result in kriyas, crying, yelling or any other form the body takes to find its equilibrium, its harmony, its balance.

This process allows the awakening to shift downwards; from our mind into our body; which in turn allows us to interact and live life from an enlightened perspective.


Sometimes we just need to suffer.

Suffering really f#%king sucks! I’m not here to tell you it doesn’t.  I’m not here to tell you that surrendering (or some other technique) will stop it.  I am here to tell you that no matter what technique you apply, what understanding you have, sometimes we are just going to suffer!

….I am also here to laugh with you about it!


Ask for help.

I highly recommend getting support during a Post-Awakening Roller Coaster.  It’s not important how that support looks as long as it works; from energy work to massage, from counselling sessions to yoga classes.

Most likely your friends and family won’t be able to appreciate what’s happening with you.  For this reason, I also recommend speaking with someone who can understand and support you through this profound shift.  It was difficult for me to find such support when I was going through this challenging period and hence why I now offer my support ♥